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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Another JCER test!

Left - Acer i3
Right - Lenovo i7 and Samsung monitor

GUI - Arena

Friday, August 18, 2017

45 chess engines the letter G1 - download update update

45 chess engines the letter G1 - download update

engines: gaia3.0.7z galjoen_v0.29.7z galjoen_v0.30.7z galjoen_v0.30.1.7z galjoen_v0.30.2.7z galjoen_v0.31.7z galjoen_v0.31.1.7z galjoen_v0.32.7z galjoen_v0.32.1.7z galjoen_v0.32.2.7z galjoen_v0.32.3.7z galjoen_v0.32.4.7z galjoen_v0.32.5.7z galjoen_v0. galjoen_v0. galjoen_v0.33.7z galjoen_v0.34.7z galjoen_v0.35.7z galjoen_v0.35.1.7z galjoen_v0.35.2.7z galjoen_v0.35.4.7z galjoen_v0.35.6.7z galjoen_v0.36.7z gandalf_7-beta.7z Gandalf6.0.7z garbochess.7z garbochess-3-ja.7z Gargamella.7z Gaviota 1.0.7z gaviota- gaviota-0.85-windows.7z Gaviota0.86.7z gchess4.7z Gedeone.7z Genesis.7z Gerbil.7z GerbilKM_02_ja.7z ges-132-ja.7z Ghost.7z ghost 3.1.7z Ghost2.0.2.7z ghost2.0.2x32.7z ghost2.0.2x64.7z ghost2_win32_v2_0_1.7z Ghost3 (Beta 20161015) 64bit.7z

161 chess engines the letter I - download update

161 chess engines the letter I

Engines: ice.03.2750.7z ice.2.2240.7z ice.3.658.7z Ifrit_m1_7.7z ifrit-m16-ja.7z Igor6test.7z Igor6test2.7z Igorlast.7z Igorrit_0086v.7z Igorrit_0086v samer.7z Igorrit_0086v_Plus.7z Igorrit_0086v_Plus samer.7z Igorrit_0086v2.7z Igorrit_0086v2 samer.7z Igorrit_0086v4_w32.7z Igorrit_0086v5_x64_bs_1t.7z Igorrit_0086v5_x64_bs_2t.7z Igorrit_0086v5_x64_bs_fix.7z Igorrit_0086v6_x64_3t.7z Igorrit_0086v6_x64_RBw.7z Igorrit_0086v7_w32.7z Igorrit_0086v7_x64.7z Igorrit_0086v8_w32.7z Igorrit_0086v8_x64.7z Igorrit_0086v9_w32.7z Igorrit_0086v9_x64.7z Igorrit0.086v4x64v2.7z Igorrit-0.086v6fixed.7z Igorrit-0.086v6fixedPeterpan and Sentinel.7z Igorrit-0.086v6ShortNames.7z Igorrit-0.086v6ShortNames Peterpan.7z Igorrit-0.086v6w32added.7z Igorrit0.086w32VS2008.7z Igorrit0.086w32VS2008 Peterpan.7z Igorrit-0[1].086v6_Sentinel.7z Igorrit-0[1].086v6fix.7z Igorrit086v4_x64_bs.7z Igorrit086v5_x64_bs.7z Igorritv086v6Mingw64.7z Igorritv4x64v3.7z Igorritx64windows.7z iichess_r19_ ja.7z Ildtiadar0.9f.7z Inmichess.7z Inmichess.3.05.7z Insomniac.7z Insomniac 0.69 wb Fixed for CB.7z IntelliChess 1.0.7z Inuyasha v1.00.7z Ipp3264.7z IPPOLIT.7Z ippolit (2).7z Ippolit 0.080.7z IPPOLIT 0.080a x64 1Gb.7z Ippolit 0080d x64 hpv.7z Ippolit 1.7z Ippolit 2_0.9.7z Ippolit Popcint.7z Ippolit_b3_all.7z Ippolit0.080a x64 Popcnt.7z Ippolit0080b_w32_bs.7z Ippolit0080b_x64_bs.7z Ippolit0080b2_x64.7z Ippolit0080c_w32_bs.7z Ippolit0080d_all_bs.7z Ippolit2_091.7z ippolit64.7z ippos.7z Ippos 0127.7z Ippos 1.25.7z ippos_0111.7z ippos-0101.7z ippos-0104.7z ippos-0106.7z ippos-0110.7z ippos-0112.7z ippos-0120.7z ippos-1.03.7z Ippos-121.7z iq23v003.7z irina.0.13.7z Irina-0.11(Windows+Linux).7z ISA 1_9_51.7z ISA 1_9_63.7Z ISA 1_9_68.7z ISA 2_0_45.7Z ISA release 1_9_8.7z Ivan4-C1-7c.7z IvanHoe 450h-MZ.rar IvanHoe 46e x64.7z IvanHoe 46e x64 SSE4.2.7z IvanHoe 46ei x64.7z IvanHoe 46ei x64 SSE4.2.7z IvanHoe 47c GH.7z IvanHoe 50kQ x64 SSE4.2.7z Ivanhoe 999946f.7z Ivanhoe B46fb.7z Ivanhoe B46fD x64.7z Ivanhoe B47cA.7z Ivanhoe B47cB.7z Ivanhoe B47d.7z Ivanhoe B47e.7z Ivanhoe B47f0.2.7z Ivanhoe B50kBgx64.7z Ivanhoe B52aB.7z IvanHoe M48n By Chessengine.7z IvanHoe T0.4 beta.7z IvanHoe T0.4 beta2.7z IvanHoe T0.4.1.7z IvanHoe T0.5.2.7z IvanHoe T0. IvanHoe T0.7 x64 MODE_GAME.7z IvanHoe T49j2.7z IvanHoe T55.7z IvanHoe.x64.VE.f.7z IvanHoe_0B.09.17.7z IvanHoe_46h3.7z IvanHoe_57_x64.7z IvanHoe_57a4_JR.7z IvanHoe_999948i.7z IvanHoe_999953.7z Ivanhoe_B46fC.7z Ivanhoe_B46fE_02.7z IvanHoe_Beta_999946h6_Tr.7z IvanHoe_v73_w32.7z IvanHoe_v81_w32.7z Ivanhoe1945a.7z Ivanhoe1945a POPCNT.7z IvanHoe46h.7z IvanHoe49BetaWH03.7z IvanHoe52fUS-beta.7z IvanHoe52iUTM0.7z IvanHoe63Mod.7z IvanHoe63Mod5 all.7z IvanHoe999946a.7z IvanHoe999946e.7z IvanHoe999946h.7z IvanHoe999946h 01a35.7z IvanHoe999946hWHM19.7z IvanHoe999947c.7z IvanHoe999949j.7z IvanHoe999950h.7z IvanHoe999950k.7z IvanHoe999950t.7z IvanHoe999987.7z IvanhoeB46fE.02x64.7z IvanhoeB49jA.7z IvanhoeB49jA1CPU.7z IvanhoeB50kA.7z IvanhoeB50kB.7z ivanhoeb52ab&ivanhoe63mod12dR.7z IvanhoeB52aE.7z IvanhoeB52aF.7z Ivanhoe-B55mPP.7z IvanHoe-B57d_whm01.7z IvanhoeBeta.7z IvanHoe-Beta-999952a-Beta.7z IvanHoe-Beta-999964-Beta.7z IvanHoe-G 9.47c x64.7z IvanHoe-T Ghost4.7z last Igorrit (v9).7z

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Chess engine: Raubfisch X35f

Raubfisch is an engine derived rom Stockfish and Torpedo 1.1 XJR (private engine by Frank Karl Werner and Max Fehler)

Rating JCER - 3341

EnkoChess 03.08.2017 - UCI chess engine. New version!

EnkoChess - UCI engine

Author - Evgeny Silchenko

EnkoChess 03.08.2017 - download

Chess engine: Raubfisch ME 262 GTZ14e

Raubfisch is an engine derived rom Stockfish and Torpedo 1.1 XJR (private engine by Frank Karl Werner and Max Fehler)

Rating JCER - 3334

Gnuchess 6.2.5 wins 6 League JCER, edition 04/2017, 2017.08.12 - 2017.08.15

Temp 3' + 3" Hardware: Intel Core i7-4710MQ with 7,9 GB Memory , Windows 10 64-bit
595 Tournament games, GUI-Arena 3.5.1161.651 JCER games,  until 31.12.2016
39.509 JCER games (from 01.01.2017)  JCER League
Book: Perfect 2017,     Games, engines, book - download       Table created - Scid vs PC

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

89 chess engines the letter D (part D2) - download update

89 chess engines the letter D (part D2) - download

EnginesDeepSaros all.7z DefeoB007.Alfa08.EvalDefeoB006.7z Delfi.7z Delphil_2.9d.7z Delphil_2.9g.7z Delphil_2.9gx64.7z Delphil_3.7z Delphil_3.1.7z Delphil_3.2.7z Delphil2_9e.7z Demolito-rev-165-sse4.2(Windows+Linux).7z dendron_042_ja.7z DesasterArea-1.54.7z Deuterium v11. deuterium v12.01.30.1070.7z Deuterium v13. Deuterium v14. Deuterium v14. Deuterium v14. diablo-051-ja.7z Diep_20.7z Dimitri 3.11.7z Dimitri 3.50a.7z DimitriWBE3.0.1.7z Dirty03NOV2015.7z Dirty05SEP2012.7z Dirty08APR2013.7z Dirty10APR2015.7z Dirty20APR2013.7z Dirty23MAR2012.7z Dirty25AUG2011.7z Dirty30APR2017.7z DisasterArea 1.65.7z DiscoCheck DiscoCheck_35.7z Discocheck_4.2.1.7z Discocheck_5.0.1.7z DiscoCheck4.01.7z discocheck-43-ja.7z DiscoCheck5.2.7z DiscoCheck5.21.7z DiscoCheck501x32TM.7z Djinn.7z Djinn0.992.7z Djinn1.006.7z Djinn1.010.7z djinn1007_w32.7z djinn1008.7z Djinn1021.7z djinn967.7z djinn971.7z djinn979.7z doch-134-ja.7z doch-13-ja.7z dokchess-01-ja.7z DON 010216.7z DON 020115.7Z DON 050914a.7z DON 060914.7z DON 1.0b.7z DON 110315.7Z DON 131214.7z DON 140715 32-64.7z DON 211115.7z DON 230416.7z DON 301215syzygy.7z DON 310815 32-64.7z Donna_4.0.7z donna1.7z Donna-2.0.7z donna-2.1.7z donna-3.7z Donna-3.1.7z Dorky4.3allversion.7z Dorky4.5.7z Dorpsgek-alpha3-rev64(Windows+Linux).7z Dorpsgek-Ambrosia2-x64.7z Dorpsgek-Ambrosia-3-popcnt-rev-91(Windows64+Linux64).7z Dorpsgek-BloodyMary-x64.7z Dorpsgek-Cosmopolitan1.7z Dorpsgek-Dillinger.7z DoubleCheck_27.7z doublecheck-33-ja.7z dragon_443_uci.7z DragonSlayer SE.7z dragontooth-0.2-bahamut.7z drosophila-1.4.7z Drunkenmaster.7z Dumb.7z

Stockfish 17081508 - new version!

Stockfish, chess engine UCI

Leader rating list JCER = 3331
🔬 Author: Marco Costalba

Timestamp: 1502776918 

Fix incorrect StateInfo 

We use Position::set() to set root position across threads. But there are some StateInfo fields (previous, pliesFromNull, capturedPiece) that cannot be deduced from a fen string, so set() clears them and to not lose the info we need to backup and later restore setupStates->back(). 
Note that setupStates is shared by threads but is accessed 
in read-only mode. 

This fixes regression introduced by df6cb446eaf21 

Tested with 3 threads at STC: 
LLR: 2.95 (-2.94,2.94) [-4.00,0.00] 
Total: 14436 W: 2304 L: 2196 D: 9936 

Bench: 5608839 

⭐⭐⭐   Stockfish 17081508 - download

Chess engine: asmFish 2017-08-14

JCER Rating=3301