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Sunday, September 25, 2016

New chess opening book: Perfect 2016

Perfect 2016 - are compatible for Chess GUIs: - Arena,, Aquarium, ChessBase and Shredder Classic.

Author -  Sedat Canbaz (Turkey)

book Perfect 2016 download

Soberango 0.07.4 - chess engine (winboard). New version!

Soberango - winboard chess engine,

Author - Luis Babboni (Argentina).


 Soberango 0.07.4 - download

Chess engines: Toltec 1.8

Toltec 1.8 download

Stockfish - older version update

Stockfish - 2012 compilations (14 files)
StockFish 120117 x64, StockFish 120117 x64 SSE4, Stockfish 120321, Stockfish 120527 w32, Stockfish 120902 x64 SSE4.2, Stockfish 120907 w32, Stockfish 120909, Stockfish 120915 x64 SSE4.2, Stockfish 121014Q, Stockfish Dec16-12 SSE4.2pop x64, Stockfish_120318_w32, Stockfish_26.12.2012, StockFish111030, Stockfish120430 Intel SSE4.2.

Stockfish - 2015.I_III compilations (76 files)
Stockfish 15013110, Stockfish_15010220, Stockfish_15010221_Geschwentner, Stockfish_15010221_Lai, Stockfish_150103_allversion, Stockfish_15010523, Stockfish_15010709, Stockfish_15012922, Stockfish_15013018, Stockfish_15020221, Stockfish_15020304, Stockfish_15020710, Stockfish_15020820, Stockfish_15020923, Stockfish_15021322, Stockfish_15021415, Stockfish_15021602, Stockfish_15021621, Stockfish_15021708, Stockfish_15021821, Stockfish_15021909, Stockfish_15021910, Stockfish_15021910b, Stockfish_15021910c, Stockfish_15021910d, Stockfish_15021923, Stockfish_15022020, Stockfish_15022020b, Stockfish_15022111, Stockfish_15022618, Stockfish_15022618h, Stockfish_15022817, Stockfish_15022818, Stockfish_15030505, Stockfish_15030708, Stockfish_15030710, Stockfish_15030710a, Stockfish_15030710f, Stockfish_15031017, Stockfish_15031121, Stockfish_15031122, Stockfish_15031208, Stockfish_15031220, Stockfish_15031321, Stockfish_15031420, Stockfish_15031422, Stockfish_15031520, Stockfish_15031521, Stockfish_15031521_VinceNegri, Stockfish_15031608, Stockfish_15031615, Stockfish_15031709, Stockfish_15031808, Stockfish_15031808b, Stockfish_15031821, Stockfish_15031821b, Stockfish_15032001, Stockfish_15032003, Stockfish_15032023, Stockfish_15032107, Stockfish_15032309, Stockfish_15032317, Stockfish_15032317_1, Stockfish_15032422, Stockfish_15032500, Stockfish_15032500_1, Stockfish_15032507, Stockfish_15032822, Stockfish_15032823, Stockfish_15032900, Stockfish_15032900_1, Stockfish_15032909, Stockfish_15032909_1, Stockfish_15032910, StockfishAll_14-19.03.2015, 7z


Stockfish - 2015.VII-IX compilations (31 files)
Stockfish 15080409, Stockfish 15080919, Stockfish 15070415, Stockfish 15070908, Stockfish_15071221, Stockfish_15071521, Stockfish_15071521voyager, Stockfish_15071608, Stockfish_15071912, Stockfish_15072418, Stockfish_15072918, Stockfish_15072918_voyager, Stockfish_15073009, Stockfish_15080818, Stockfish_15081513, Stockfish_15081516, Stockfish_15081720, Stockfish_15082021, Stockfish_15082021_mstembera, Stockfish_15082821, Stockfish_15082908, Stockfish_15082916, Stockfish_15083020, Stockfish_15090623, Stockfish_15090721, stockfish_15091020, Stockfish_15091514, Stockfish_15091802, Stockfish_15091802_b, Stockfish_15091918, stockfish_15093010.zip

Friday, September 23, 2016

Nemorino - new UCI chess engine

Nemorino - UCI chess engine

Author - Christian Günther

Home page


  • UCI and XBoard support (experimental - all testing is done using UCI) 
  • Syzygy Tablebase support 
  • Pondering 
  • Standard Chess and Chess960 
  • Multi Core support (Very Lazy SMP) 
  • Multi PV analysis mode 
  • 64-bit Windows only 

Strength is about 2900 Elo 

Shield 1.3 - UCI chess engine. New version!

Shield - UCI chess engine

Author - Luigi Marco Ripamonti

Rating JCER=2276

Rodent II 0.9.64 - UCI chess engine. New version!

Rodent - UCI chess engine

Author = Pawel Koziol (Poland)

Rating JCER=2719

Rodent II 0.9.64 - download

Embla 0.9.4 - UCI chess engine. New version

Embla - UCI chess engine

Author - Folkert van Heusden

Rating JCER=1791

 Embla 0.9.4 - download

Acqua 20160918 - UCI chess engine. New version!

Acqua - UCI chess engine

Author - Giovanni Di Maria

Acqua 20160918 - download

Amoeba 1.4 - UCI chess engine. New version!

Amoeba - UCI chess engine (D language)

Amoeba is a bare chess engine designed to communicate with a chess GUI (arena) via the UCI protocol.

Amoeba 1.4 - download